Mastering Public Speaking, 10th edition

  • George L. Grice
  • Daniel H. Mansson
  • John F. Skinner


Mastering Public Speaking engages readers in the principles, practice, and ethics of public speaking, both as speakers and as listeners. Authors George Grice, Daniel Mansson, and John Skinner identify and help you focus on the key ingredients of effective speeches: sensitive audience analysis, adequate research, clear organization, and dynamic delivery.

Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Public Speaking
2. The Ethics of Public Speaking
3. Speaking with Confidence
4. Listening
5. Analyzing Your Audience
6. Selecting Your Speech Topic
7. Researching Your Speech Topic
8. Organizing the Body of Your Speech
9. Supporting Your Speech
10. Introducing and Concluding Your Speech
11. Outlining Your Speech
12. Wording Your Speech
13. Delivering Your Speech
14. Using Presentational Aids
15. Speaking to Inform
16. Speaking to Persuade
17. Developing Persuasive Arguments
18. Speaking on Special Occasions
Appendix A: Giving and Receiving Feedback
Appendix B: Using an Audience Questionnaire
Appendix C: Developing and Delivering Team Presentations
Appendix D: The Question–Answer Period
Appendix E: Sample Speeches

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