Mastering Simulink, 1st edition

  • James B. Dabney
  • Thomas L. Harman

Mastering Simulink

ISBN-13:  9780131424777

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Simulink is a programming language specifically designed for simulating dynamical systems using standard block diagram notation. Designed for readers with the appropriate mathematical preparation that includes a good understanding of the fundamental concepts from introductory experience such as calculus and differential equations, this book presents detailed coverage of programming using Simulink. KEY TOPICS: Beginning with a block diagram tutorial, the book presents an overview of Simulink and describes in detail the procedures for building, editing, and running a Simulink model. The book also provides explanations for debugging techniques, including the interactive debugger; contains an examination of Stateflow™, a Simulink extension that adds the capability to model finite state machines subsystems using a variant of the popular Statecharts formalism; and concludes with an introduction to Real-Time Workshop. MARKET: For professionals with a career in engineering, control systems, programming, or science.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Block Diagrams.

 3. Quick Start.

 4. Model Building.

 5. Continuous Systems.

 6. Discrete-Time Systems.

 7. Subsystems and Masking.

 8. Simulink Analysis Tools.

 9. Callbacks.

10. S-Functions.

11. Graphical Animations.

12. Debugging.

13. Numerical Issues.

14. Introduction to Stateflow.

15. Introduction to Real-Time Workshop.

Appendix A: Block Reference.

Appendix B: Parameter Reference.

Published by Pearson (October 28th 2003) - Copyright © 2004