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Mastering Social Psychology, First Canadian Edition, 1st edition

  • Robert A. Baron
  • Donn R. Byrne
  • Nyla R. Branscombe
  • V Heather Fritzley

Published by Pearson Canada (February 1st 2010) - Copyright © 2011

1st edition

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Mastering Social Psychology, Canadian edition, features up-to-date coverage of the quickly evolving area of social psychology, balanced coverage of fundamentals with current research, and is written in a lively, engaging style.

Table of contents

Brief Contents


1          The Field of Social Psychology: How We Think about and Interact with Others 

2          Social Cognition: Thinking about the Social World 

3          Social Perception: Perceiving and Understanding Others 

4          Attitudes: Evaluating the Social World 

5          The Self: Understanding “Who Am I?” 

6          Prejudice: Its Causes, Effects, and Cures 

7          Interpersonal Attraction: Meeting, Liking, Becoming Acquainted 

8          Close Relationships: Family, Friends, Lovers, and Spouses 

9          Social Influence: Changing Others’ Behaviour 

10         Prosocial Behaviour: Helping Others 

11         Aggression: Its Nature, Causes, and Control 

12         Groups and Individuals: The Consequences of Belonging 

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