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  3. Mastering the Requirements Process: Getting Requirements Right

Mastering the Requirements Process: Getting Requirements Right, 3rd edition

  • Suzanne Robertson
  • James Robertson

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (August 6th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

3rd edition

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Mastering the Requirements Process: Getting Requirements Right

ISBN-13: 9780132942867

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Table of contents

Preface to the Third Edition xxi

Foreword to the First Edition xxiii

Acknowledgments xxv


Chapter 1: Some Fundamental Truths 1

in which we consider the essential contribution of requirements

Truth 1 1

Truth 2 2

Truth 3 3

Truth 4 4

Truth 5 5

Truth 6 6

Truth 7 7

Truth 8 7

Truth 9 8

Truth 10 8

Truth 11 9

What Are These Requirements Anyway? 9

The Volere Requirements Process 11


Chapter 2: The Requirements Process 13

in which we present a process for discovering requirements and discuss how you might use it

The Requirements Process in Context 14

A Case Study 15

Project Blastoff 15

Trawling for Requirements 17

Quick and Dirty Modeling 19

Scenarios 20

Writing the Requirements 20

Quality Gateway 22

Reusing Requirements 23

Reviewing the Requirements 23

Iterative and Incremental Processes 24

Requirements Retrospective 25

Evolution of Requirements 26

The Template 27

The Snow Card 29

Your Own Requirements Process 31

Formality Guide 32

The Rest of This Book 33


Chapter 3: Scoping the Business Problem 35

in which we establish a definition of the business area to be changed, thereby ensuring that the project team has a clear vision of what their project is meant to achieve

Project Blastoff 35

Formality Guide 38

Setting the Scope 38

IceBreaker 41

Scope, Stakeholders, and Goals 43

Stakeholders 44

Other Stakeholders 50

Finding the Stakeholders 54

Goals: What Do You Want to Achieve? 54

Constraints 59

Naming Conventions and Definitions 60

How Much Is This Going to Cost? 61

Risks 62

To Go or Not to Go 63

Blastoff Meetings 64

Summary 65


Chapter 4: Business Use Cases 67

in which we discuss a fail-safe way of partitioning the work and so smooth the way for your requirements investigation

Understanding the Work 67

Formality Guide 69

Use Cases and Their Scope 69

The Scope of the Work 70

Business Events 73

Why Business Events and Business Use Cases Are a Good Idea 75

Finding the Business Events 78

Business Use Cases 80


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