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  4. Material Culture and Authenticity: Fake Branded Fashion in Europe

Material Culture and Authenticity: Fake Branded Fashion in Europe, 1st edition

  • Magdalena Craciun
  • Magdalena Craciun

Published by Bloomsbury Academic (January 2nd 2014) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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The study of material culture demonstrates that objects make people just as much as people make, exchange and consume objects. But what if these objects are, in the eyes of others, only fakes? What kind of material mirror are people looking into? Are their real selves really reflected in this mirror? This book provides an original and revealing study into engagements with objects that are not what they are claimed and presumed to be and, subsequently, are believed to betray their makers as well as users. Drawing upon an ethnography of fake branded garments in Turkey and Romania, Material Culture and Authenticity shows how people can make authentic positions for themselves in and through fake objects. The book will be of interest to students and scholars working in the fields of anthropology, material culture and cultural studies as well as to general readers interested in ethnographic alternatives to biographies of famous fakers and fakes.

Table of contents

Introduction Inauthentic Objects The Elusive Nature of Inauthenticity: Manufacture and Trade in Fake Branded Garments in Turkey The Elusive Nature of Inauthenticity: Trade and Consumption of Fake Branded Inauthentic Objects, Authentic Selves Conclusion Bibliography Index

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