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Mathematical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Proofs (Classic Version), 2nd edition

  • John D'Angelo
  • Douglas West

Published by Pearson (February 13th 2017) - Copyright © 2018

2nd edition

Mathematical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Proofs (Classic Version)

ISBN-13: 9780134689579

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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For one/two-term courses in Transition to Advanced Mathematics or Introduction to Proofs. Also suitable for courses in Analysis or Discrete Math.

This title is part of the Pearson Modern Classics series. Pearson Modern Classics are acclaimed titles at a value price. Please visit www.pearsonhighered.com/math-classics-series for a complete list of titles.

This text is designed to prepare students thoroughly in the logical thinking skills necessary to understand and communicate fundamental ideas and proofs in mathematics–skills vital for success throughout the upperclass mathematics curriculum. The text offers both discrete and continuous mathematics, allowing instructors to emphasize one or to present the fundamentals of both. It begins by discussing mathematical language and proof techniques (including induction), applies them to easily-understood questions in elementary number theory and counting, and then develops additional techniques of proof via important topics in discrete and continuous mathematics. The stimulating exercises are acclaimed for their exceptional quality.

Table of contents


 1. Numbers, Sets and Functions.

 2. Language and Proofs.

 3. Induction.

 4. Bijections and Cardinality.


 5. Combinatorial Reasoning.

 6. Divisibility.

 7. Modular Arithmetic.

 8. The Rational Numbers.


 9. Probability.

10. Two Principles of Counting.

11. Graph Theory.

12. Recurrence Relations.


13. The Real Numbers.

14. Sequences and Series.

15. Continuous Functions.

16. Differentiation.

17. Integration.

18. The Complex Numbers.

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