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MATLAB for Control Engineers, 1st edition

  • Katsuhiko Ogata
MATLAB for Control Engineers

ISBN-13: 9780136150770

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published byPearson (October 10th 2007) - Copyright © 2008

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Written by a world-renowned expert in MATLAB, this senior-level book is appropriate for use in conjunction with a diversity of controls books. It can also be used as a stand-alone text for those wishing to expand their knowledge of MATLAB. It has been designed to give the reader a full understanding of the applications of MATLAB in solving control engineering problems.


All example problems have detailed explanations in order to provide an understanding of the MATLAB approach to solving the analysis and design problems presented in this book.

Table of contents









Chapter 1 Introduction to MATLAB


1-1  Introduction

1-2  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division with MATLAB

1-3  Computing Matrix Functions

1-4  Plotting Response

1-5  Three-Dimensional Plots

1-6  Drawing Geometrical Figures with MATLAB



Chapter 2 Preliminary Study of MATLAB Analysis of Dynamics Systems


2-1 Partial-Fraction Expansion with MATLAB

2-2 Transformation of Mathematical Models of Dynamics Systems

2-3 MATLAB Representation of Systems in Block Diagram Form



Chapter 3 Transient Response Analysis


3-1 Introduction

3-2 Step Response

3-3 Impulse Response

3-4 Ramp Response

3-5 Response to Arbitrary Input

3-6 Response to Arbitrary Initial Condition

3-7 Three-Dimensional



Chapter 4 Root-Locus Analysis


4-1 Introduction

4-2 Root-Locus Plots with polar Grids

4-3 Finding the Gain Value K at an Arbitrary Point on the Root Loci

4-4 Root-Locus Plots of No minimum-Phase Systems

4-5 Root-Locus Plots of Conditionally Stable Systems

4-6 Root-Loci for Systems with Transport Lag

4-7 Root-Locus Approach to Control Systems Compensation



Chapter 5 Frequency Response Analysis


5-1 Plotting Bode Diagrams with MATLAB

5-2 Plotting Nyquist Diagrams with MATLAB

5-3 Log-Magnitude versus Phase Plots

5-4 Phase Margin and Gain Margin

5-5 Frequency Response Approach to Control Systems



Chapter 6 MATLAB Approach to State-Space Design of Control Systems


6-1 Introduction

6-2 Controllability and Observability

6-3 Pole Placement

6-4 Solving Pole Placement Problems with MATLAB

6-5 Design of State Observers with MATLAB

6-6 Minimum-Order Observers

6-7 Observer Controllers



Chapter 7 Some Optimization Problems Solved with MATLAB


7-1 Computational Approach to Obtain Optimal Sets of Parameter Values

7-2 Solving Quadratic Optimal Control Problems with MATLAB








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