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Mechanical Measurements, 6th edition

  • Thomas G. Beckwith
  • Roy D. Marangoni
  • John H. Lienhard
  • V

Published by Pearson (August 7th 2006) - Copyright © 2007

6th edition

Mechanical Measurements

ISBN-13: 9780201847659

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In the field of mechanical measurements, Mechanical Measurements continues to set the standard. With an emphasis on precision and clarity, the authors have consistently crafted a text that has helped thousands of students grasp the fundamentals of the field. Mechanical Measurements 6th edition  gives students a methodical, well thought-out presentation that covers fundamental issues common to all areas of measurement in Part One, followed by individual chapters on applied areas of measurement in Part Two. This modular format fits several different course formats and accommodates a wide variety of skill levels.

Table of contents

Preface xv

Part I Fundamentals of Mechanical Measurement


    1 The Process of Measurement: An Overview

    2 Standards and Dimensional Units of Measurement 
    3 Assessing and Presenting Experimental Data 
    4 The Analog Measurand: Time-Dependent Characteristics 
    5 The Response of Measuring Systems 
    6 Sensors 
    7 Signal Conditioning 
    8 Digital Techniques in Mechanical Measurements 
    9 Readout and Data Processing

Part II Applied Mechanical Measurements


    10 Measurement of Count, EPUT, Time Interval, and Frequency Measurement  of Count, Events per Unit Time, Time Interval, and Frequency 
    11 Displacement and Dimensional Measurement 
    12 Strain and Stress: Measurement and Analysis 
    13 Measurement of Force and Torque 
    14 Measurement of Pressure 
    15 Measurement of Fluid Flow 
    16 Temperature Measurements 
    17 Measurement of Motion 
    18 Acoustical Measurements

Part III Appendices

    A Standards and Conversion Equations

    B Theoretical Basis for Fourier Analysis

    C Number Systems

    D Some Useful Data

    E Stress and Strain Relationships 
         E.1 The General Plane Stress Situation 
         E.2 Direction and Magnitudes of Principal Stresses 
         E.3 Variation in Shear Stress with Direction 
         E.4 Shear Stress on Principal Planes 
         E.5 General Stress Equations in Terms of Principal Stresses 
         E.6 Mohr’s Circle for Stress 
         E.7 Strain at a Point

         F Statistical Tests of Least Squares Fits

    Answers to Selected Problems

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