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Medical-Surgical Nursing Care, 4th edition

  • Karen M. Burke
  • Elaine Mohn-Brown
  • Linda Eby

Published by Pearson (December 31st 2014) - Copyright © 2016

4th edition

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For students enrolled in licensed practical/vocational nursing programs (LPN/LVN)


A Practice-Based Approach to Nursing Care

Medical-Surgical Nursing Care, Fourth Edition gives students an in-depth understanding of the common diseases and disorders that affect adult patients.It provides a strong foundation for caring by emphasizing pathophysiology, nursing care, and patient teaching.


The material in Nursing Care is presented in an easily-accessible format with streamlined content and a clear writing style that makes it easy for students to absorb information. Study aids throughout the text also help students focus less on memorization and more on practice and the integration of new material into their critical thought-processes.  


The Fourth Edition includes new content and features that will help students grow and develop as practical/vocational nurses.

Table of contents

I: Introduction to Medical–Surgical Nursing

1. Nursing in the 21st Century

2. Health, Illness, and Settings of Care

3. Cultural and Developmental Considerations for Adults

4. The Older Adult in Health and Illness

5. Guidelines for Patient Assessment

6. Essential Nursing Pharmacology

II: Foundations of Medical–Surgical Nursing

7. Caring for Patients With Altered Fluid, Electrolyte, or Acid–Base Balance

8. Caring for Patients in Pain

9. Caring for Patients With Inflammation and Infection

10. Caring for Patients Having Surgery

11. Caring for Patients With Altered Immunity

12. Caring for Patients With Cancer

13. Loss, Grief, and End-of-Life Care

14. Caring for Patients Experiencing Shock, Trauma, or Disasters

III: Disrupted Cardiovascular Function

15. The Cardiovascular System and Assessment

16. Caring for Patients With Coronary Heart Disease and Dysrhythmias

17. Caring for Patients With Cardiac Disorders

18. Caring for Patients With Peripheral Vascular Disorders

IV: Disrupted Hematologic and Lymphatic Function

19. The Hematologic Assessment

20. Caring for Patients With Hematologic and Lymphatic Disorders

V: Disrupted Respiratory Function

21. The Respiratory System and Assessment

22. Caring for Patients With Upper Respiratory Disorders

23. Caring for Patients With Lower Respiratory Disorders

VI: Disrupted Gastrointestinal Function

24. The Gastrointestinal System and Assessment

25. Caring for Patients With Nutritional and Upper  Gastrointestinal Disorders

26. Caring for Patients With Bowel Disorders

27. Caring for Patients With Gallbladder, Liver, and Pancreatic Disorders

VII: Disrupted Urinary Function

28. The Urinary System and Assessment

29. Caring for Patients Tract Disorders

VIII: Disrupted Reproductive Function

30. The Reproductive System and Assessment

31. Caring for Male Patients With Reproductive System Disorders

32. Caring for Female Patients With Reproductive System Disorders

33. Caring for Patients With Sexually Transmitted Infections

IX: Disrupted Endocrine Function

34. The Endocrine System and Assessment

35. Caring for Patients With Endocrine Disorders

36. Caring for Patients With Diabetes Mellitus

X: Disrupted Neurologic Function

37. The Nervous System and Assessment

38. Caring for Patients With Intracranial Disorders

39. Caring for Patients With Degenerative Neurologic and Spinal Cord Disorders

40. Caring for Patients With Eye and Ear Disorders

XI: Disrupted Musculoskeletal Function

41. The Musculoskeletal System and Assessment

42. Caring for Patients With Musculoskeletal Trauma

43. Caring for Patients With Musculoskeletal Disorders

XII: Disrupted Integumentary Function

44. The Integumentary System and Assessment

45. Caring for Patients With Skin Disorders

46. Caring for Patients With Burns

XIII: Mental Health Disorders

47. Mental Health and Assessment

48. Caring for Patients With Neurocognitive Disorders

49. Caring Disorders

50. Caring for Patients With Mood Disorders

51. Caring for Patients With Anxiety Disorders

52. Caring for Patients With Personality Disorders

53. Caring for Patients With Substance Use Disorders

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