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Emphasizing applications of chemistry while reinforcing theory – especially in the areas of organic and physical chemistry – this new text prepares readers for career success in the pharmaceutical, medical, and biotech industries. Medicinal Chemistry: The Modern Drug Discovery Process delivers a comprehensive introduction to medicinal chemistry at an appropriate level of detail for a diverse range of readers. By highlighting the concepts and skills related to drug discovery, Stevens deepens readers’ understanding of the knowledge and techniques necessary for their careers. 

Table of contents

1     A Brief History of Drug Discovery
2     The Modern Drug Process
3     A Trip through the Body
4     Enzymes as Drug Targets
5     Receptors as Drug Targets
6     Oligonucleotides as Drug Targets
7     Pharmacokinetics
8     Metaboism
9     Molecular Structure and Diversity
10     Lead Discovery
11     Lead Optimization- Traditional Methods
12     Lead Optimization- Hansch Analysis
13     Aspects in Pharmaceutical Synthesis

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