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Mental Health Nursing, 6th edition

  • Karen Lee Fontaine

Published by Pearson (July 14th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

6th edition


Written in a student-friendly style, this comprehensive text, and leading resource in the field of mental health nursing, emphasizes effective communication skills, details cultural considerations, and presents mental health disorders within a systematic organizational framework using the nursing process. It reflects the diversity of its student readers, and the belief that the practice of mental health nursing is in direct response to the social, cultural, environmental, and biological components of mental illness.

Table of contents

Unit I              Foundations of Mental Health Nursing


Chapter 1                    Introduction to Mental Health Nursing

Chapter 2                    The Family in Mental Health Nursing

Chapter 3                    The Community in Mental Health Nursing

Chapter 4                    The Role of Cultural Diversity in Mental Health Nursing

Chapter 5                    Legal and Ethical Issues

Chapter 6                    Neurobiology and Behavior


Unit II             Illness Management and Recovery


Chapter 7                    Illness Management: Communication and Psychoeducation

Chapter 8                    Illness Management: Common Clinical Behaviors

Chapter 9                    Illness Management: Treatment Decisions

Chapter 10                  Illness Management: Medications


Unit III           Mental Disorders


Chapter 11                  Anxiety, Dissociative, and Somatoform Disorders

Chapter 12                  Eating Disorders

Chapter 13                  Mood Disorders

Chapter 14                  Schizophrenic Disorders

Chapter 15                  Substance-Related Disorders

Chapter 16                  Personality Disorders

Chapter 17                  Disorders of Children and Adolescents

Chapter 18                  Gender Identity and Sexual Disorders


Unit IV           Neurobehavioral Disorders

Chapter 19                  Cognitive Impairment Disorders

Chapter 20                  Neuropsychiatric Problems

Unit V             Violence

Chapter 21                  Suicide

Chapter 22                  Interpersonal Violence

Chapter 23                  Sexual Violence

Chapter 24                  Community Violence

Chapter 25                  Nursing Management of the Problems Associated With Exposure to Natural Disasters and Terrorism


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