Microsoft ISA Server 2000, 1st edition

  • Zubair Alexander

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Secure and enhance network performance with Microsoft ISA Server 2000. Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 is more than a simple firewall product. By combining enterprise firewall and high-performance Web cache functions, ISA Server provides a common management infrastructure that reduces network complexity and costs. ISA Server protects networks from unauthorized access, inspects traffic, and alerts network administrators to attacks. The readers of this book will receive comprehensive appendices on useful ISA Server information. Readers will find information in this book that they won't find in any other book on the market. This book includes information on security patches and hot fixes, TCP/IP port assignments, knowledge base articles, ISA Server tools, and a whole lot more.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary.)


1. Introducing ISA Server: Moving Beyond Proxy Server 2.0.

ISA Server's Extensibility. Internet Acceleration Updates from Proxy 2.0. Extending Windows 2000 Services. ISA Server Architecture. Server Installation Modes. Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol. Web Caching Services. Firewall Services. Hosting Services.

2. ISA Server Installation and Configuration.

ISA Server Hardware Requirements. Pre-Installation Considerations. Installing ISA Server Step-By-Step. Uninstalling or Reinstalling ISA Server Step-By-Step. Running an Unattended Server Installation. Default ISA Server Settings. Migrating from Proxy Server 2.0. How Proxy Server 2.0 Tasks are Performed in ISA Server. ISA Server Clients. Configuring the H.323 Gatekeeper Service.

3. ISA Security Concepts I.

Emphasizing Network Security. Running the Security Wizard. ISA Server Rules. VPN Support. Setting Up a Local ISA VPN Server. Comparison of Existing Security Solutions. DMZ Overview.

4. ISA Security Concepts—Part II.

Packet Filtering. Application Filtering.

5. ISA Acceleration Concepts.

Forward Caching. Reverse Caching. Scheduled Caching. Active Caching. Negative Caching. Distributed Caching. Hierarchical Caching. Introduction to CARP Cache Drives. .cdat Files.

6. Configuring Policy Elements.

Policy Elements Overview. Bandwidth Priorities. Client Address Sets. Content Groups. Destination Sets. Dial-up Entries. Protocol Definitions. Schedules. Using Array and Enterprise Policy Elements Together.

7. Implementing Publishing.

Hardware Requirements for Publishing. Web Publishing Concepts. Server Publishing Concepts. Running Additional Services on an ISA Server Computer. Publishing a Mail Server.

8. Monitoring, Alerts, and Reporting.

Monitoring Performance. Tips for Monitoring Performance. Using Alerts. Logging and Reporting.

9. Troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Services. Using the Event Viewer to Help Troubleshoot ISA Events. Troubleshooting Caching. Troubleshooting Sessions. Troubleshooting Connections. Troubleshooting Access. Troubleshooting Authentication. Troubleshooting Publishing. Troubleshooting Dial-Up.

Appendix A. Bug Fixes and Patches for ISA Server 2000.

Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 Updates for ISA Server 2000. Web Requests Can Cause Access Violations in ISA Server Web Proxy Service. ISA Server 2000 Fix for Packet Filter Log. ISA Server 2000 Fix for UDP Log. Security Mailing Lists and Other Resources.

Appendix B. Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles.

Appendix C. TCP/IP Port Assignments.

Appendix D. Default MIME Types in Internet Information Services.



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