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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator's Companion, 1st edition

  • Bill English
  • Brian Alderman
  • Mark Ferraz

Published by Microsoft Press (September 3rd 2010) - Copyright © 2011

1st edition

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator's Companion

ISBN-13: 9780735627208

Includes: Paperback
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What's included

  • Paperback

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Get the critical, in-depth information you need to administer SharePoint 2010. Led by SharePoint MVPs and featuring insights from the SharePoint community and members of the SharePoint Team at Microsoft, you'll discover how to plan, design, deploy, and manage strategic solutions using SharePoint 2010, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows PowerShell, and other key technologies. Topics include architecture, deployment scenarios, design considerations, security best practices, high availability, performance, centralized administration, disaster recovery, customization, solution development, and upgrade and migration strategies. Key solutions include building and managing a server farm, automating tasks, FAST search application management, enterprise and web content management, and business intelligence.

For customers who purchase an ebook version of this title, instructions for downloading the CD files can be found in the ebook.

Table of contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Part I: The Basics
    • Chapter 1: Understanding the Basics of Collaboration in SharePoint 2010
    • Chapter 2: Understanding the Architecture of SharePoint 2010
  • Part II: Installation and Implementation
    • Chapter 3: Optimizing SQL Server for a SharePoint 2010 Implementation
    • Chapter 4: Installing SharePoint 2010
  • Part III: Building and Managing a SharePoint Farm
    • Chapter 5: Using Windows PowerShell to Perform and Automate Farm Administrative Tasks
    • Chapter 6: Managing SharePoint 2010 Using Central Administration
    • Chapter 7: Scaling Out a SharePoint Farm
    • Chapter 8: Information Management Policies
  • Part IV: Organizing, Publishing, and Finding Information
    • Chapter 9: Organizing Information
    • Chapter 10: Collaboration and Portals
    • Chapter 11: Search Server 2010 and FAST Search: Architecture and Administration
    • Chapter 12: Using Windows PowerShell to Manage Search Services and FAST Search
    • Chapter 13: Customizing the Search Results and Search Center
    • Chapter 14: Administering Enterprise Content Management
    • Chapter 15: Administering Web Content Management and Publishing
    • Chapter 16: Securing Information
    • Chapter 17: Data Protection, Recoverability, and Availability
  • Part V: Advanced Topics
    • Chapter 18: Aggregating External Data Sources
    • Chapter 19: Web Parts and Their Functionality in SharePoint 2010
    • Chapter 20: Publishing SharePoint 2010 to Mobile Devices
    • Chapter 21: Business Intelligence, Reporting Services, and PerformancePoint Services
    • Chapter 22: Upgrading to SharePoint 2010
    • Chapter 23: Creating and Managing Workflows

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