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This manual is a comprehensive reference describing the implementation-specific interfaces and architectural features of the highly-integrated 64-bit R4000 and R4400 MIPS RISC processors. This manual also describes the MIPS RISC instruction Set Architecture (ISA), including the 64-bit extensions of the ISA.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. CPU Instruction Set Summary.

 3. The CPU Pipeline.

 4. Memory Management.

 5. CPU Exception Processing.

 6. Floating-Point Unit.

 7. Floating-Point Exceptions.

 8. R4000 Processor Signal Descriptions.

 9. Initialization Interface.

10. Clock Interface.

11. Cache Organization, Operation, and Coherency.

12. System Interface.

13. Secondary Cache Interface.

14. JTAG Interface.

15. R4000 Processor Interrupts.

16. Error Checking and Correcting.

Appendix A: CPU Instruction Set Details.

Appendix B: FPU Instruction Set Details.

Appendix C: Subblock Ordering.

Appendix D: Output Buffer …Di/…Dt Control Mechanism.

Appendix E: PLL Passive Components.

Appendix F: R4000 Coprocessor 0 Hazards.

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