Mobius on Emerging Markets, 2nd edition

  • Mark Mobius

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As recent events have shown, emerging markets can be the source of both investment opportunity and risks for the unwary investor. Now is the time to deploy a sound understanding of emerging economies and a thorough approach to stock selection. If you're wondering what prospects are really in store in emerging markets, you can benefit from the unique insights in unparalleled experience of Dr Mark Mobius, the 'Indiana Jones' of investing.

Table of contents

A note on statistics and sources.
Preface and Acknowledgements.
Introduction by Sir John Templeton.


1. Origins of Emerging Markets.
The birth of emerging market investment. Definition of emerging markets. Characteristics of emerging markets.

2. Macroeconomic Trends in Emerging Markets.
Three factors influencing macroeconomic developments. Demographic factors. Technological factors. Ideological factors. Macroeconomic outcome.


3. Emerging Market Overview.
Africa. Asia. Latin America. Middle East. Southern Europe.

4. Reform in the Former Communist Countries.
China. Eastern Europe. CIS. Russia.

5. Financial Growth in Emerging Markets.
Capital market growth. Equity markets. Creation of new stock markets. Emerging market companies in developed markets. Domestic portfolio investment growth. Foreign portfolio investment in emerging markets. Conclusions.


6. Investment Strategies and Instruments.
Higher Returns. Diversification. Emerging market investment instruments. Performance measurements.

7. Evaluating Stock Picks.
Value orientation. Short and long term. Bottom-up versus top-down investing. Researching emerging markets. Accounting in emerging markets and analysis of financial statements.

8. Stock Exchange Characteristics.
Trading characteristics. Stock exchange as clubs. Settlement and custody. Oversight. Taxation. Government involvement. Future of emerging markets' custody and clearing.

9. Risks.
Introduction to risk. Political risk. Financial risk. Investment risk. Transactional risk. Systemic risk.

10. My View of Emerging Markets Investment.
Keys to success. Investment attitudes. A few final notes regarding my work.


Published by FT Press (September 3rd 1996) - Copyright © 1997