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Modern Algebra and Discrete Structures, 1st edition

  • Robert F. Lax

Published by Pearson (January 27th 1997) - Copyright © 1991

1st edition


This text offers students clarity and instructors flexibility. Its thorough coverage of applications, algorithms, and examples, and its inclusion of many proofs explain and reinforce the material. Its traditional organization makes it a suitable text for several courses. Attention to contemporary topics such as key cryptosystems and coding theory makes the text current. It is flexible enough to be used for courses in applied algebra or modern (abstract) algebra.

Table of contents

 1. Preliminaries.

 2. Relations.

 3. Semigroups, Monoids, and Groups.

 4. Rings and Fields.

 5. Algebraic Coding Theory.

 6. Boolean Algebras and Switching Functions.

 7. Graph Theory.

 8. Solutions or Suggestions for Selected Exercises.

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