Modern Conductor, The, 7th edition

  • Elizabeth A. Green
  • Mark Gibson

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Written in a clear style that speaks directly to the serious conducting student, The Modern Conductor, Seventh Edition, maintains Dr. Elizabeth A.H. Green's time-honored approach to conducting technique while offering new insights into opera conducting, career-building, and score study.

Building on the concept of conducting as a time-space activity, co-author Mark Gibson clarifies the pedagogical ideas of the legendary Russian maestro, Nicolai Malko, as first put forth by Dr. Green. The Seventh Edition incorporates into Malko's classic approach a heightened emphasis on the role of the conductor and the non-technical skills that the aspiring conductor must acquire to prepare for a podium career in the twenty-first century.

Among the topics included are:
  • The Usefulness of the Baton
  • Expressive Gestures
  • "Zig-Zag"
  • Audition/Rehearsal Checklist

The student will attain insights into handling contemporary scores and unconventional notation, as well as instrumental and choral conducting and aspects of advanced musicianship in relation to wind ensemble, orchestra and chorus. Important concepts and terms are highlighted to enable the reader to find them quickly. Exercises and drills are included in the text to reinforce critical concepts and skills.

Table of contents

The Art of Conducting, by Eugene Ormandy.


 1. So You Want to Be a Conductor?

 2. The Conductor: Basic Time-Beating.

 3. The Baton.

 4. TWO, ONE, SIX, FIVE, and Subdivided Beats.

 5. The Expressive Gestures.

 6. Phrasing, Tempo Changes.

 7. Developing the Left Hand.

 8. The Fermata.

 9. Beyond TWO, THREE, FOUR and SIX: Twentieth-Century Innovations.

10. Melding and the Virtuoso Technique.


11. Clefs and Transpositions.

12. Instrumental Conducting: Orchestra and Band Scores.

13. Choral Conducting.

14. Conductor as Collaborator: Opera and Concerto.

15. Applied Musicianship: Band, Orchestra, Chorus.

16. Memorizing the Score; Performing the Score.


Appendix A: Seating Charts.

Appendix B: Instrumentation.

Appendix C: Classification of Bowings.

Appendix D: Terminology for the Conductor.

Appendix E: The Training Exercises in Sequence.



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