Modern Experimental Biochemistry, 3rd edition

  • Rodney F. Boyer

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KEY BENEFIT The latest edition of this successful text provides readers with a modern and complete experience in experimental biochemistry. KEY TOPICS: Part I, Theory and Experimental Techniques, provides in-depth theoretical discussion organized around important techniques. A valuable reference for instructors and students, it's particularly useful to instructors who prefer to use their own customized experiments. Part II, Experiments, offers optimum flexibility through 15 tested experiments designed to accommodate the capabilities of laboratories and students at most four-year schools. Alternate methods are suggested and labs may be divided into manageable hour segments. The book offers the latest safety and environmental precautions in each experiment to inform students and instructors of potential hazards and proper disposal of materials. For anyone interested in science.

Table of contents


 1. Introduction to the Biochemistry Laboratory.

 2. General Laboratory Procedures.

 3. Purification and Identification of Biomolecules by Chromatography.

 4. Characterization of Proteins and Nucleic Acids by Electrophoresis.

 5. Spectroscopic Analysis of Biomolecules.

 6. Radioisotopes in Biochemical Research.

 7. Centrifugation in Biochemical Research.


 1. Using the Computer in Biochemical Research.

 2. Structural Analysis of a Dipeptide.

 3. Using Gel Filtration to Study Ligand-Protein Interactions.

 4. Isolation and Characterization of Bovine Milk—Lactalbumin.

 5. Kinetic Analysis of Tyrosinase.

 6. Purification and Characterization of Triacylglycerols in Natural Oils.

 7. Identification of Serum Glycoproteins by SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting.

 8. Isolation and Characterization of Plant Pigments.

 9. Photoinduced Proton Transport through Chloroplast Membranes.

10. Isolation, Subfractionation, and Enzymatic Analysis of Beef Heart Mitochondria.

11. Measurement of Cholesterol and Vitamin C in Biological Samples.

12. Activity and Thermal Stability of Gel-immobilized Peroxidase.

13. Extraction and Characterization of Bacterial DNA.

14. Plasmid DNA Isolation and Characterization by Electrophoresis.

15. The Action of Restriction of Endonucleases on Plasmid or Viral DNA.

Published by Pearson (August 2nd 2000) - Copyright © 2001