Modern Stories in English, 4th edition

  • William H. New
  • Herbert J. Rosengarten

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Directly aimed at both university and university-college level Introduction to Fiction and Prose Fiction courses, this anthology is an introduction to the modern short story as a literary form.

  • In this fourth edition, general editors New and Rosengarten provide readers with a wonderfully diverse selection of stories, featuring 17 new literary selections. From standard classics to examples authored by established as well as emerging contemporary writers, literary selections presented in this text clearly reflect the dynamic, ever-shifting landscape of modern short fiction in terms of the varied cultural currencies of style, structure, theme and subject matter.
  • Readers develop a greater appreciation for the entertainment value and perceptive qualities of a good story as well as its narrative roots—all of which are drawn from many traditional forms of storytelling: myths, legends, fables, folk tales, ballads, fairy tales, and oral “exempla.”

Table of contents

 1. Chinua Achebe: Civil Peace.

 2. Thea Astley: A Northern Belle.

 3. Margaret Atwood: Death by Landscape.

 4. J.G. Ballard: The Secret History of World War III.

 5. Donald Barthelme: Report.

 6. Clark Blaise: Eyes.

 7. Paul Bowles: Allal.

 8. Morley Callaghan: Two Fishermen.

 9. Peter Carey: Do You Love Me?

10. Angela Carter: The Company of Wolves.

11. George Clutesi: Ko-ishin-mit and the Shadow People.

12. Alice Elliott Dark: In the Gloaming.

13. William Faulkner: Dry September.

14. Richard Ford: Great Falls.

15. E.M. Forster: The Road from Colonus.

16. Mavis Gallant: With a Capital T.

17. Nadine Gordimer: No Place Like.

18. Kate Grenville: Slow Dissolve.

19. Mark Helprin: Letters from the Samantha.

20. Ernest Hemingway: Hills Like White Elephants.

21. Jack Hodgins: Over Here.

22. Witi Ihimaera: The Washerwoman's Children.

23. W.W. Jacobs: The Monkey's Paw.

24. Mark Anthony Jarman: California Cancer Journeys.

25. Thomas King: Borders.

26. Hanif Kureishi: My Son the Fanatic.

27. Jhumpa Lahiri: When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine.

28. D.H. Lawrence: The Horse Dealer's Daughter.

29. Ursula Le Guin: The First Contact with the Gorgonids.

30. David Wong Louie: The Movers.

31. Katherine Mansfield: The Doll's House.

32. Rohinton Mistry: Swimming Lessons.

33. Alice Munro: The Children Stay.

34. V.S. Naipaul: My Aunt Gold Teeth.

35. Joyce Carol Oates: In the Region of Ice.

36. Katherine Anne Porter: He.

37. Annie Proulx: The Half-Skinned Steer.

38. Russell Smith: Responsibility.

39. Audrey Thomas: The More Little Mummy in the World.

40. John Updike: Giving Blood.

41. Guy Vanderhaeghe: Cages.

42. Kurt Vonnegut: Report on the Barnhouse Effect.

43. Rudy Wiebe: Where Is the Voice Coming From?

44. J. Michael Yates: The Sinking of the Northwest Passage.

Published by Pearson Canada (December 31st 2000) - Copyright © 2001