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Modernizing Legacy Systems: Software Technologies, Engineering Processes, and Business Practices, 1st edition

  • Robert C. Seacord
  • Daniel Plakosh
  • Grace A. Lewis

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (February 13th 2003) - Copyright © 2003

1st edition

Modernizing Legacy Systems: Software Technologies, Engineering Processes, and Business Practices

ISBN-13: 9780321118844

Includes: Paperback
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"The potential impact of this book cannot be overstressed. Software systems that are not continually and adequately evolved and, in particular, legacy systems that have not been so maintained, can threaten an organization's very survival. I recommend the book as a must for people directly involved in such evolution, whether as customers, managers and resource providers, or as implementers."

--M. M. Lehman, Emeritus Professor, Middlesex University

Businesses inevitably face a critical choice in the design and maintenance of their software systems: Dismantle older systems and completely replace them, or incrementally modernize existing systems. Many businesses choose the latter course, seeking to maximize their existing investment and preserve valuable business knowledge, while adapting to rapidly evolving technologies. Modernizing Legacy Systems is a much-needed guide, showing how to implement a successful modernization strategy and describing specifically a risk-managed, incremental approach--one that encompasses changes in software technologies, engineering processes, and business practices.

Key topics include:

  • Making a case for modernization
  • Understanding requirements and constraints
  • Maintaining performance, data integrity, and security
  • Designing and deploying the target architecture
  • Migrating code and data
  • Estimating costs
  • Planning the modernization effort

For every topic, this book presents current standards and available products that support legacy system modernization. In addition, a large retail-supply-system case study--a system written in COBOL being modernized to one based on the J2EE architecture--runs throughout this book to demonstrate a real-world legacy system modernization effort.


Table of contents


1. The Legacy Crisis.

Modernization Challenges.


Software Technology and Engineering Processes.


Commercial Components.

Business Objectives.

How Did We Get Here?

The Legacy Crisis.

Evolving Legacy Systems.




Software Reengineering.



Commercial Components.

Source Code Translation.

Code Reduction.

Functional Transformation.

Incremental Development and Deployment.


For Further Reading.

2. The Beast.

The Retail Supply System.


User Interface.


Recent History.

Web Enablement.



3. Risk-Managed Modernization.

Risk Management.

Portfolio Analysis.

Identify Stakeholders.

Understand Requirements.

Create the Business Case.

Understand the Legacy System.

Understand Existing Software Technologies.

Evaluate Technology.

Define Target Architecture.

Define Modernization Strategy.

Reconcile Modernization Strategy with Stakeholders.

Estimate Resources for Modernization Strategy.


4. Developing the Business Case.

Where Are We?

Identify Stakeholders.

Understand Requirements.



RSS Requirements.

New Functionality.

Architecture Compliance.

Incremental Development and Deployment.

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