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MOS Study Guide for Microsoft Excel Expert Exam MO-201, 1st edition

  • Paul McFedries


Advance your expert-level proficiency with Excel.

And earn the credential that proves it!

Demonstrate your expert-level competency with Microsoft Excel! Designed to help you practice and prepare for Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Excel Expert (Excel and Excel 2019) certification, this official Study Guide delivers:

  • In-depth preparation for each MOS objective
  • Detailed procedures to help build the skills measured by the exam
  • Hands-on tasks to practice what you’ve learned
  • Ready-made practice files

Sharpen the skills measured by these objectives:

  • Manage Workbook Options and Settings

  • Manage and Format Data

  • Create Advanced Formulas and Macros

  • Manage Advanced Charts and Tables

About the MOS: Expert Certification

A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): Expert certification validates your hands-on experience and competency with an Office product at an expert level. It demonstrates that you can apply the product’s principal features at an advanced level, can complete expert tasks independently, and are ready to enter the job market.


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Practice Files

Available at: MOSExcelExpert201/downloads

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Manage workbook options and settings

Objective 1.1: Manage workbooks

Objective 1.2: Prepare workbooks for collaboration

Objective 1.3: Use and configure language options

Chapter 2 – Manage and format data

Objective 2.1: Fill cells based on existing data

Objective 2.2: Format and validate data

Objective 2.3: Apply advanced conditional formatting and filtering

Chapter 3 – Create advanced formulas and macros

Objective 3.1: Perform logical operations in formulas

Objective 3.2: Look up data by using functions

Objective 3.3: Apply advanced date and time functions

Objective 3.4: Perform data analysis

Objective 3.5: Troubleshoot formulas

Objective 3.6: Create and modify simple macros

Chapter 4 – Manage advanced charts and tables

Objective 4.1: Create and modify advanced charts

Objective 4.2: Create and modify PivotTables

Objective 4.3: Create and modify PivotCharts

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Published by Microsoft Press (March 12th 2020) - Copyright © 2020