Mosaicos Volume 1, 6th edition

  • Matilde E Castells
  • Elizabeth E. Guzmán
  • Paloma E. Lapuerta
  • Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro

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It’s time to talk! … and have a cultured conversation.  Providing the truly communicative, deeply culture-focused approach instructors believe in along with the guidance and tools students need to be successful using a program with highly communicative goals–with Mosaicos, there is no need to compromise.  Recognizing the primacy of the relationship between culture and language, the new Sixth Edition of Mosaicos places culture up front and center, and everywhere in-between!


NEW! A new form-focused activity follows the presentation of grammar. Students can do them in class with the instructor or as online homework before coming to class as all Comprendes activities are machine-gradable and include immediate feedback when completed within MySpanishLab. In these quick, form-focused activities students check that they are able to produce the new grammatical forms before moving to the contextualized and communicative activities. The continuing activity sequence moves students gradually from meaningful, form-focused activities towards production of open-ended, personalized communication. The activities focus attention on the communicative purpose of the linguistic structures while invoking culturally-relevant contexts. All activities require students to process meaning as well as form so that they develop skill in using their linguistic knowledge to gather information, answer questions, and resolve problems.

For example, note that the even the form-focused activities require students to process meaning, not just fill in blank with the correct response, making the connection between meaning and form. For good reason, the grammar section is called Funciones y formas — a hallmark of the Mosaicos approach!


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Table of contents

See the full scope and sequence.

Chapter breakdown is as followed:

Vol 1: Chs P-5 + expansion grammatical + all appendices
Vol 2: Chs 5-10 + expansion grammatical + all appendices
Vol 3: Chs 10-15 + expansion grammatical + all appendices

Published by Pearson (May 15th 2014) - Copyright © 2015