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Multiculturalism and the Criminal Justice System, 1st edition

  • Robert D. Hanser
  • Michael D Gomila

Published by Pearson (February 27th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

1st edition

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Multiculturalism and the Criminal Justice System (2-downloads)

ISBN-13: 9780132866453

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Table of contents

Chapter 1        Minorities, Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization & the Criminal Justice System

Chapter 2        Racial Minorities, Assimilation, Acculturation, and Classism in a Democratic Society

Chapter 3        Minorities based on Age and Disability

Chapter 4        Minorities based on Gender and Sexual Preference

Chapter 5        Cultural Competence and Cross-Cultural Communication in Agencies

Chapter 6        Law Enforcement and Minorities

Chapter 7        Law Enforcement and Minorities

Chapter 8        The Courts and Minorities

Chapter 9        Minorities in the Court System

Chapter 10      Corrections, Classism, Poverty, & Minority Groups 

Chapter 11      Corrections and Minorities: Minorities, Gang Affiliation, Gender, and Staff Issues

Chapter 12      Juvenile Minority Wellness & Health Disparities, Gender, Sexual Identity, Youth Culture, & Social Class

Chapter 13      Types of Juvenile Offending, Gang Affiliation by Race and Gender, Disproportionate Minority Contact in Juvenile System

Chapter 14      Cultural Competence Training, Assessment & Evaluation of Cultural Competence, and Evidence Based Practices in Culturally Competent Agencies

Chapter 15      Future Multicultural Trends in Criminal Justice

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