Multilevel Approach to the Study of Motor Control and Learning, A, 2nd edition

  • Debra J. Rose
  • Robert W. Christina

Multilevel Approach to the Study of Motor Control and Learning, A

ISBN-13:  9780805360318

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This up-to-date book provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of motor control and motor learning. The authors integrate knowledge from the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience to provide readers with a more complete understanding of the multilevel processes that contribute to the acquisition and control of movement skills. Each section of the book introduces the most important theoretical models in each particular area, followed by theoretical principles and illustrations with practical examples drawn from movement, skill, and clinical settings. The breadth of the practical applications will appeal to readers preparing to enter professions that require a strong knowledge of motor control and learning principles. KEY TOPICS: Movement, skill, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, transfer of motor learning, contemporary motor control theories, measurement techniques, application of theory, real-life aspects of motor control and learning. MARKET: For all readers interested in issues relating to motor learning and control.

Table of contents


 1. Introduction to Motor Control.

 2. How Motor Control Is Studied.

 3. Sensory Contributions to Action.

 4. Vision and Vestibular Contributions to Action.

 5. Developing and Executing a Plan of Action.


 6. Introduction to Motor Learning.

 7. How Motor Learning Is Studied.

 8. Setting the Stage for Motor Learning.

 9. Organizing the Practice Environment.

10. Augmented Feedback and Motor Learning.

11. Memory and Forgetting.

12. Transfer of Motor Learning

Published by Pearson (May 3rd 2005) - Copyright © 2006