Multimedia Guide to Non-Human Primates: Print Version, The, 1st edition

  • Frances D. Burton
  • Mathew Eaton

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This text references the natural history of each of the more than 200 species of non-human primates. The text may be used for self- directed learning or as a reference for the reader. KEY TOPICS: Three major headings—Attributes, Ecology, and Social Behavior. Includes fossile records, food and diet, communication, taxonomy, and social dynamics.

Table of contents

Order Primates.

Family Cheirogaleidae. Family Lemuridae. Family Megaladapidae. Family Indridae. Family Daubentoniidae. Family Loridae. Family Galagonidae. Family Tarsiidae.

New World Monkeys.

Family Callitrichidae. Family Cebidae. Family Cepcopithecidae. Family Hylobatidae. Family Hominidae.

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Published by Pearson (October 12th 1995) - Copyright © 1995