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My Android Phone, 1st edition

  • Craig James Johnston

Published by Que Publishing (July 2nd 2015) - Copyright © 2016

1st edition

My Android Phone

ISBN-13: 9780134132945

Includes: Unassigned

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What's included

  • Unassigned


Table of contents

Prologue  Getting to Know Your Android Phone     3
Your Android Phone’s External Features     3
    Front     4
    Back     6
First-Time Setup     8
Fundamentals of Android 5.0 (Lollipop)     12
    The Lock Screen     12
    The Home Screen     16
    The System Bar     20
    Using Your Touchscreen     21
    Using Your Keyboard     22
    Edit Text     29
    Menus     30
    Switch Between Apps     31
    Run Multiple Apps on the Screen at the Same Time (Samsung Only)     32
Setting Up Multiple Users on Your Phone     38
    Add a New Phone User     39
    Add a Phone Guest User     40
Installing Synchronization Software     43
    Install Android File Transfer (Apple Mac OS X)     43
    Install Google Music Manager (Apple Mac)     44
    Install Google Music Manager (Windows)     45
    Configure Music Manager (Windows and Apple Mac)     46
Freeing Up Memory     50
    Move Apps     50
Chapter 1  Phone, SMS, and MMS     53
Using the Phone App     53
    Make a Call     54
    Receive a Call     62
    Handle a Missed Call     65
    Make a Conference Call     66
    Configure the Phone App     68
Using SMS and MMS     71
    Get to Know the Messenger App     72
    Manage Settings for the Messenger App     73
    Compose a Message     75
    Attach a File to a Message     77
    Receive a Message     79
Chapter 2  Contacts     83
Adding Accounts     83
    Add a Work Email Account     85
Navigating Contacts     90
    Navigate Contacts     90
Adding and Managing Contacts     91
    Add Contacts from an Email     92
    Add a Contact Manually     93
    Add a Contact from a vCard     94
    Edit a Contact     96
    Add a Contact Photo     97
    Customize Contacts Settings     99
    Manage Contact Groups     100
    Choose Contacts to Display     101
    Join and Separate Contacts     103
Adding a Contact to Your Home Screen     105
Chapter 3  Audio, Video, and Movies     109
Using Google Play Music     109
    Find Music     110
    Purchase Music     111

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