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My Samsung Galaxy S6 for Seniors, 1st edition

  • Michael Miller

Published by Que Publishing (July 30th 2015) - Copyright © 2016

1st edition

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My Samsung Galaxy S6 for Seniors

ISBN-13: 9780134216065

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Table of contents

Chapter 1  Getting Started with Your Samsung Galaxy S6     3
Unboxing and Charging Your New Phone     3
    Take Your New Phone Out of the Box     4
    Connect and Recharge Your Phone     5
Getting to Know the Galaxy S6     6
Turning Your Phone On and Off     11
    Power On Your Phone     11
    Lock Your Phone     13
    Unlock Your Phone     13
    Turn Off Your Phone     15
    Restart Your Phone     16
Using the Galaxy S6     17
    Learn Essential Touch Gestures     17
    Navigate the Lock Screen     19
    Navigate the Home Screen     20
    Understand the Status Bar     21
    Navigate the Apps Screen     23
    View the Notification Panel     24
    Move from Screen to Screen     25
    View and Close Open Apps     27
Performing Basic Operations     28
    Change the Volume Level     29
    Put the Phone on Vibrate or Mute     30
    Adjust the Brightness Level     31
    Rotate the Phone     31
    Enter Text with the Onscreen Keyboard     32
    Copy and Paste Text     35
    Set an Alarm     36
    Set a Timer     40
Managing Your Phone’s Power     40
    Monitor Battery Usage     41
    Deal with a Low Battery     42
    Turn On Power Saving Modes     43
Chapter 2  Using the Galaxy S6 Edge     47
Getting to Know the Galaxy S6 Edge     47
    Configure Edge Screen Position     48
Using Edge Lighting and People Edge     50
    Configure Edge Lighting and People Edge     50
    Use Edge Lighting and People Edge     55
Using the Information Stream     57
    Activate and Configure the Information Stream     57
    View the Information Stream     60
Using the Night Clock     61
    Activate the Night Clock     62
    View the Night Clock     63
Chapter 3  Personalizing the Way Your S6 Looks and Works    65
Personalizing the Screen Background     65
    Change the Lock Screen Wallpaper     66
    Change the Home Screen Wallpaper     69
    Change Your Phone’s Theme     72
Personalizing Screen Settings     76
    Screen Mode Options     76
    Set the Screen Mode     77
    Set Screen Timeout     78
    Configure Smart Stay     79

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