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MyLab Health Professions MIBC Digital Workbook, 1st edition

Published by Pearson (December 1st 2017) - Copyright © 2018

1st edition

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MyLab Health Professions without Pearson eText -- Access Card --for Medical Insurance, Billing & Coding, 2/e, is ideal for additional practice throughout a coding certificate program or as capstone practice for certification exams at the end the program. The digital workbook is text-agnostic and is designed to provide your students with hundreds of opportunities to practice coding in a variety of environments and scenarios using review and scenario questions, coding and modifier activities, and mini-medical records.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Coding
2. Signs/Symptoms
3. V-Codes/Z-Codes
4. Poisoning, Adverse Effect, Injuries, Burns, and External Cause Coding
5. Infectious Disease
6. Neoplasm
7. Endocrine, Immune, Blood, and Mental Disorders
8. Respiratory, Digestive, and Genitourinary
9. Skin, Musculoskeletal, Sense Organs, and Nervous System
10. Cardiovascular
11. Pregnancy and Perinatal
12. Introduction to Procedure Coding
13. Coding for Section 0, Root Operations B, T, 6, 5, D
14. Coding for Section 0, Root Operations Y, M, X, S
15. Coding for Section 0, Root Operations V, L, 7, 1
16. Coding for Section 0, Root Operations 9, C, F, N, 8, J, K
17. Coding for Section 0, Root Operations H, R, U, 2, P, W, 3, Q, G, 0, 4
18. Medical and Surgical-Related Procedures
19. Ancillary Procedures
20. Introduction to CPT/HCPCS Coding
21. Evaluation & Management Coding
22. Integumentary System
23. Musculoskeletal System
24. Respiratory, Mediastinum, & Digestive Systems
25. Cardiovascular & Lymphatic Systems
26. Urinary & Male/Female Reproductive Systems
27. Endocrine, Nervous, Eye, & Auditory Systems
28. Anesthesia Coding
29. Radiology, Medicine, & HCPCS Coding
30. Pathology & Laboratory Coding
31. Career in Coding
32. Auditing
33. Intermediate Physician Office Coding
34. Intermediate Outpatient Hospital Coding
35. Advanced Physician Office Coding
36. Advanced Outpatient Hospital Coding
37. The Role of a Medical Coder
38. Documentation Review
39. Intermediate Inpatient Hospital Coding
40. Advanced Inpatient Hospital Coding
41. Advanced Coding & Health Information
42. Professionalism in Coding & Billing
43. Coding & Reimbursement
44. Managed Care
45. Physician Billing
46. Hospital Billing
47. Government Billing
48. Accounts Receivable
49. Workers Compensation & Simulation

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