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Natural Spa and Hydrotherapy: Theory and Practice, 1st edition

  • Ann Mihina
  • Sandra Anderson

Published by Pearson (March 3rd 2009) - Copyright © 2010

1st edition

Natural Spa and Hydrotherapy: Theory and Practice

ISBN-13: 9780131744714

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The recent growth of the spa industry has resulted in a need for highly educated practitioners of spa and hydrotherapy treatments. Natural Spa and Hydrotherapy: Theory and Practice is designed to meet the needs of today's spa practioners. This book can be used for spa training as well as for skill enhancement for individual therapists.  It will assist students of massage and bodywork as well as practitioners in spa settings and private practice who have the desire to increase their knowledge and understanding of, and competency in, natural spa and hydrotherapy.  MARKET: Massage Therapists or anyone studying to become a massage therapist

Table of contents

Natural Spa and Hydrotherapy: Theory and Practice


Chapter 1 History of Spa and Hydrotherapy

            What is Spa?

Early History of Spa


            Origins of Organized Hydrotherapy and Spas  

Decline of Hydrotherapy

            Christianity and Islam

Resurgence of Hydrotherapy

            Innovations in Science and Medicine

Prominent Persons

Birth of Modern Spa and Hydrotherapy

            Prominent Persons

            Hydrotherapy and Spa Today

            Types of Spas



Study Questions


Chapter 2 The Science Behind Spa and Hydrotherapy

The Connection Between Science and Spa and Hydrotherapy  


            Ways Water is Used in Treatments

            Water of the Earth; Water of the Body

Chemistry of the Body




Ebb and Flow of Body Fluids

          Blood, Interstitial Fluid, and Lymph

            Body Water Gain and Loss

Body Systems

            Integumentary System

Cardiovascular System

            Lymphatic and Immune System

            Respiratory System

            Digestive System

            Skeletal System

            Muscular System

            Nervous System

            Endocrine System


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