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Negotiating Literacy Learning: Exploring the Challenges and Achievements of Struggling Readers, K-6, 1st edition

  • Edited by Janine K. Bixler

Published by Pearson (February 27th 2008) - Copyright © 2009

1st edition


Teaching professionals encounter students at varying levels of literacy proficiency and achievement.  Negotiating Literacy Learning  brilliantly illustrates eight real-life examples of children who struggle with reading, outlining the steps eight master teachers take to diagnose and remediate those problems.  The cases shared in this text identify reading difficulties that teachers typically encounter in their classrooms, walking readers through each teacher’s method for negotiating learning.  Cases are organized in a clear and succinct manner, beginning with assessments followed by an instructional decision-making process to demonstrate a methodology you can follow to ensure that your students reach their literacy potential.  This book is for all professionals who believe that teaching requires a commitment to learning from and listening to students in order to improve teaching responses.  

Table of contents

Chapter 1    Cultivating Phonological Awareness:  Helping a Kindergartner Learn About Our Spoken and Printed Language

                    Kimberly Jemmerich, Kindergarten Teacher

Chapter 2    Developing Reading and Writing Fluency:  Building a First Grader's Automatic Vocabulary

                    Janine Bixler, Teacher Educator

Chapter 3    Teaching the Basics of Language Learning:  Developing a First Grader's Early Literacy Skills

                    Judy Stephenson, Literacy Specialist

Chapter 4    Expanding Vocabulary:  Motivating a Third Grader to Learn and Use New Words

                    Jaime Berry, Third Grade Teacher

Chapter 5    Creating Purposeful Literacy Contexts:  Engaging a Fourth Grader in Strategic Reading Through Cross-Age Tutoring

                    Melissa Agnetti, Fourth Grade Teacher

Chapter 6    Reading for Meaning:  Teaching a Fifth Grader to Make Sense of Texts Through Reciprocal Teaching

                    Patricia Isoldi, Fifth Grade Teacher

Chapter 7    Engaging in Book Talks:  Supporting a Fifth Grader to Build on the Ideas of Others

                    Margaret Falcone, Tutor and Education Graduate Student

Chapter 8    Creating a Culturally Relevant Learning Community:  Inviting a Six Grader to Read and Discuss Texts

                    Arin Rusch, Sixth Grade Teacher

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