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Network Management Fundamentals, 1st edition

  • Alexander Clemm

Published by Cisco Press (November 21st 2006) - Copyright © 2007

1st edition

Network Management Fundamentals

ISBN-13: 9781587201370

Includes: Paperback
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Table of contents


Part I Network Management: An Overview

Chapter 1 Setting the Stage

Defining Network Management

    Analogy 1: Health Care—the Network, Your Number One Patient

    Analogy 2: Throwing a Party

    A More Formal Definition

The Importance of Network Management: Many Reasons to Care




The Players: Different Parties with an Interest in Network Management

    Network Management Users

    Network Management Providers

Network Management Complexities: From Afterthought to Key Topic

    Technical Challenges

Organization and Operations Challenges

Business Challenges

Chapter Summary

Chapter Review

Chapter 2 On the Job with a Network Manager

A Day in the Life of a Network Manager

    Pat: A Network Operator for a Global Service Provider

    Chris: Network Administrator for a Medium-Size Business

    Sandy: Administrator and Planner in an Internet Data Center


The Network Operator’s Arsenal: Management Tools

    Device Managers and Craft Terminals

    Network Analyzers

    Element Managers

    Management Platforms

    Collectors and Probes

    Intrusion Detection Systems

    Performance Analysis Systems

    Alarm Management Systems

    Trouble Ticket Systems

    Work Order Systems

    Workflow Management Systems and Workflow Engines

    Inventory Systems

    Service Provisioning Systems

    Service Order–Management Systems

    Billing Systems

Chapter Summary

Chapter Review

Chapter 3 The Basic Ingredients of Network Management

The Network Device

    Management Agent

    Management Information, MOs, MIBs, and Real Resources

    Basic Management Ingredients—Revisited

The Management System

    Management System and Manager Role

    A Management System’s Reason for Being

The Management Network

    Networking for Management

    The Pros and Cons of a Dedicated Manage

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