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Numerical Methods Using Matlab, 4th edition

  • Kurtis K. Fink
  • John H. Mathews

Published by Pearson (December 22nd 2003) - Copyright © 2004

4th edition

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This book provides a fundamental introduction to numerical analysis. KEY TOPICS:This book covers numerous topics including Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation, Curve Fitting, Numerical Differentiation, Numerical Integration, and Numerical Optimization. MARKET:For engineering and computer science fields.

Table of contents

 1. Preliminaries.

 2. The Solution of Nonlinear Equations f (x) = 0.

 3. The Solution of Linear Systems AX = B.

 4. Interpolation and Polynomial Approximation.

 5. Curve Fitting.

 6. Numerical Differentiation.

 7. Numerical Integration.

 8. Numerical Optimization.

 9. Solution of Differential Equations.

10. Solution of Partial Differential Equations.

11. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.

Appendix: An Introduction to MATLAB.

Answers to Selected Exercises.


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