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A practical, comprehensive look at the nutrition, health, and safety needs of young children from birth through age 8.
Nutrition, Health and Safety for Young Children helps students understand the interrelationships among nutrition, health, and safety, and gives them strategies to share knowledge with children and their families. Covering the full range of childhood from birth into school age, this book includes concrete in-text examples, case scenarios, and questions that promote thinking about common professional situations that early childhood teachers will face, while also providing a glimpse into the modern classroom environment. The 4th Edition addresses the most current issues, research, strategies, and ideas to ensure teachers are prepared to help all children attain wellness and be ready for success in school.

Written for Health, Safety, and Nutrition courses in Early Childhood Education, Child and Family Studies, or Child Development.

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Table of contents

Part One: Promoting Wellness
1. Your Role in Children’s Wellness 
Part Two: Promoting Good Nutrition
2. The Foundations of Optimal Nutrition
3. Exploring the Science of Nutrition
4. Managing Food Safety
5. Planning Menus
6. Feeding Infants
7. Feeding Toddlers, Preschoolers, and School-Age Children
Part Three: Promoting Healthful Practices
8. Creating a Climate of Health and Wellness
9. Health Screening and Assessment
10. Managing Infectious Disease
11. Teaching Children with Special Health Care Needs
12. Children’s Mental Health
Part Four: Promoting Safety 
13. Creating Safe Environments for Young Children
14. Using Routines, Supervision, and Classroom Management Strategies to Promote Safety 
15. Child Maltreatment 
16. Managing Emergencies 

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