Object-Oriented Programming in Eiffel, 2nd edition

  • P Thomas
  • Ray Weedon

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The complete tutorial guide to object-oriented programming techniques in Eiffel, emphasising how its unique approach to `programming by contract' encourages the design of correct, reusable software components.

Emphasises the role of abstract data types in software development and uses them as a framework to teach Eiffel. Explains the principles behind the use of polymorphism and dynamic binding. Makes use of extensive written and practical exercises the majority of which contain solutions to consolidate and enhance the teaching of Eiffel.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Beginning Eiffel
3. Abstract Data Types
4. Classes and Features
5. Eiffel Instructions
6. Storage Structures
7. Expressions and Calls
8. Semantics of Abstract Data Types
9. Correctness: The Client-Supplier Relationship
10. Correctness: Programming by Contract
11. Building Types as Subtypes
12. Adapting Inherited Features
13. Polymorphism and Dynamic Binding
14. The Exception Mechanism
15. Client-Server vs Inheritance
16. Additional Facilities in Eiffel
17. Eiffel Concurrency
18. A Case Study
Appendix A: Eiffel Syntax
Appendix B: Special Characters
Appendix C: A Worked Example
Appendix D: WEL: The Windows Eiffel Library
Appendix E: The Breakfast Problem

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Published by Pearson (December 12th 1997) - Copyright © 1998