Object-Oriented Software Metrics, 1st edition

  • Mark Lorenz
  • Jeff Kidd

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This book provides a number of specific metrics that apply to object-oriented software projects. The metrics are based on measurements and derived advice drawn from a number of actual projects that have successfully used object technology to deliver products. KEY TOPICS: Covers both project completion metrics and design metrics — common, Smalltalk only, and C++ only. MARKET: For programmers interested in object-oriented technology.

Table of contents



Project Metrics.

Average number of support classes per key class.Average man-days per application class.Average number of classes per developer.Number of major iterations.Number of subsystems.Number of contracts completed.
Design Metrics.

Average method size.Average number of methods per class.Average number of instance variables per class.Class hierarchy nesting level.Method complexity.Number of methods overridden, inherited, and added by a subclass.Global usage.Instance variable usage.Average number of comment lines per class/method.Number of problem reports per class or contract.Number of times a class is reused.Number of classes/methods thrown away.


Project Experience Database.

SmallTalk Projects.C++ Projects.
Metrics Form.

Metrics Tools.

Published by Pearson (June 29th 1994) - Copyright © 1994