Object Oriented Systems Analysis: Modeling the World in Data, 1st edition

  • Sally Shlaer
  • Stephen J. Mellor

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This reference describes the semantic modeling of data as a technique for systems analysis. Authors focus first on information modeling itself and the problems to which such a model applies, and then demonstrates how the model can be integrated into the software development process. Four fully developed models are included in the appendix.

Table of contents

1. Why Information Modeling?

2. Basic Ideas.

3. Objects.

4. Attributes.

5. Relationships.

6. Constructions Involving Many Objects.

7. Representation of the Informal Method.

8. Techniques.

9. The Role of the Information Model in System Development.

Appendix A: Tape Robot Information Model.

Appendix B: Tables and Columns: A Model for Shared Real-time Data.


Published by Pearson (April 7th 1988) - Copyright © 1988