Occupational Safety Management and Engineering, 5th edition

  • Willie Hammer
  • Dennis Price

Occupational Safety Management and Engineering

ISBN-13:  9780138965150

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This revised text provides readers with the most current information available on a wide range of topics. KEY TOPICS: Topics covered include workers' compensation, fault tree analysis, hearing protection, environmental protection, fire protection, workers with disabilities, ergonomics, OSHA violation policy, and much more. MARKET: For anyone interested in industrial safety.

Table of contents

 1. Accident Losses.

 2. Liabilities and Safety Legislation.

 3. Workers' Compensation.

 4. OSHAct and Its Administration.

 5. Standards, Codes, and Other Safety Documents.

 6. Engineers and Safety.

 7. Management and its Responsibilities.

 8. The Changing Roles of Safety Personnel.

 9. Personnel.

10. Promoting Safe Practices.

11. Appraising Plant Safety.

12. Hazards and their Control.

13. Planning for Emergencies.

14. Accident Investigations.

15. Safety Analysis.

16. Acceleration, Falls, Falling Objects, and Other Impacts.

17. Mechanical Injuries.

18. Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders.

19. Heat and Temperature.

20. Pressure Hazards.

21. Electrical Hazards.

22. Fires and Fire Suppression.

23. Explosions and Explosives.

24. Hazards of Toxic Materials.

25. Environments.

26. Confined Space Entry.

27. Radiation.

28. Vibration and Noise.

29. Computers and Safety.

Published by Pearson (June 14th 2000) - Copyright © 2001