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For courses in history of Mexican Americans.

Authoritative introduction to Mexican American history

Occupied America: A History of Chicanos — by Rodolfo F. Acuña, one of the foremost and most highly-regarded voices in Chicano history and ethnic studies — is among the most comprehensive and definitive introductory Chicano history texts available today. Passionately, engagingly written, and extensively researched, Occupied America covers Chicano history in its entirety and uses timelines to provide clear contexts for the most important events, illuminating today’s struggles in the process. The 9th Edition has been extensively updated, largely in light of the 2016 Presidential election and the “Age of Trump,” and for better precision of language.

Table of contents

1. Not Just Pyramids, Explorers, and Heroes
2. El Imperio Español
3. Legacy of Hate: The Invasion of Mexico
4. Occupied Texas
5. The Colonization of New Mexico
6. Sonora Invaded: The Occupation of Arizona
7. California Lost: Image and Reality
8. Immigration, Labor, and Generational Change
9. The 1920s: Making America Great
10. Mexican American Communities in the Making: The Tin Man Has No Heart
11. World War II: The Betrayal of Promises
12. “Happy Days”: Mexican American Communities under Siege
13. Goodbye America: The Chicana/o in the 1960s
14. The 1970s: The Resurgence of White Nationalism
15. Blade Runner: Replicants are Illegal
16. The Millennium: The Chickens Comes Home to Roost
17. The Decline of the American Empire

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