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  4. Occupied Economies: An Economic History of Nazi-Occupied Europe, 1939-1945

Occupied Economies: An Economic History of Nazi-Occupied Europe, 1939-1945, 1st edition

  • Hein AM Klemann
  • Sergei Kudryashov

Published by Berg Publishers (June 1st 2012) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

Occupied Economies: An Economic History of Nazi-Occupied Europe, 1939-1945

ISBN-13: 9781845208233

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What were the consequences of the German occupation for the economy of occupied Europe? After Germany conquered major parts of the European continent, it was faced with a choice between plundering the suppressed countries and using their economies to supply its needs. The choices made not only differed from country to country, but also changed over the course of the war. Individual leaders; the economic needs of the Reich; the military situation; struggles between governors of occupied countries and Berlin officials; and finally racism, all had an impact on the outcome.
In some countries the emphasis was placed on production for German warfare, which kept these economies functioning. New research, presented for the first time in this book, shows that as a consequence the economic setback in these areas was limited, and therefore post-war recovery was relatively easy. However, in other countries, plundering was more characteristic, resulting in partisan activity, a collapse of normal society and a dramatic destruction not only of the economy but in some countries of a substantial proportion of the labour force. In these countries, post-war recovery was almost impossible.

Table of contents


Part 1 - Introduction
Chapter 1 Occupied Economies and Total War
Chapter 2 On Total War
Chapter 3 Economy, Total War and Nazi Germany
Chapter 4 The Economies of Occupied Europe

Part 2 - Exploitation
Chapter 5 Exploitation: an Introduction
Chapter 6 Expansion and Exploitation
Chapter 7 The Periods of Exploitation
Chapter 8 Dissimilarities in Occupied Europe
Chapter 9 The Exploitation of Occupied Europe
Chapter 10 The Hunt for Labour
Chapter 11 Exploitation: a Conclusion

Part 3 - Economic Life
Chapter 12 Economic Life During Occupation: an Introduction
Chapter 13 Financing Occupation and Exploitation
Chapter 14 Trade
Chapter 15 Production
Chapter 16 Conclusion

Part 4 - Economic Consequences of the Occupation: Conclusions
Chapter 17 Consumption
Chapter 18 Damage
Chapter 19 Conclusions



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