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Office Procedures for the 21st Century, 8th edition

  • Sharon Burton
  • Nelda Shelton
Office Procedures for the 21st Century

ISBN-13: 9780135063897

Includes: Hardcover

8th edition

Published byPearson (February 8th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

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$173.32 $138.66

What's included

  • Hardcover

    You'll get a bound printed text.


This market-leading book helps readers acquire the office and interpersonal skills needed to excel in any organization. Its proven approach means students acquire these skills quickly and chapters introduce a range of topics including file management, time management, employment skills, basic financial forms, problem solving, human relations and more! This edition features more on communication, references Microsoft Office 2007, and expands the office simulation to include both functional and cumulative exercises. New chapters address the medical and legal office and new assignments develop employer-ready skills. New! Updated content includes topics such as:
  • Current office trends
  • The green office
  • Office politics
  • e-Portfolios
  • Displaying good manners
  • Ordering supplies online
  • Visitors and language barriers
  • Complaining customers
  • Steps for keying minutes
  • Steps for PowerPoint 2007 and more! 

Table of contents

Part I

Chapter 1 Understanding the Changing and Challenging Office

Chapter 2 Human Relations

Chapter 3 Preparing for Your Job Search

Chapter 4 Managing Your Work, Time, and Other Resources


Part II

Chapter 5 Communicating by Telephone

Chapter 6 Building Communications Skills


Part III

Chapter 7 Processing Mail

Chapter 8 Records Management

Chapter 9 Handling Financial Procedures


Part IV

Chapter 10 Scheduling Appointments and Receiving Visitors

Chapter 11 Making Travel Arrangements

Chapter 12 Planning Meetings and Conferences


Part V

Chapter 13 Developing Effective Oral Presentations

Chapter 14 Preparing to Meet the Challenges

Chapter 15 Working in a Medical Office

Chapter 16 Working in a Legal Office

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