Old Testament Story, The, 10th edition

  • John H. Tullock
  • Mark McEntire


The Old Testament Story will allow you to more knowledgeably interpret the stories of the Old Testament, informed by the history and culture of the Near East at the time they were written. The text uses insights from a number of contemporary methods for reading ancient texts employed by academics and scholars.

Table of contents

1. The Book and Those Who Study It
2. Archaeology and the World of the Old Testament
3. Israel Looks at the Beginnings
4. Israel Becomes a People
5. Israel Gains a Home:  Joshua and Judges
6. The Beginning of the Monarchy:  Samuel, Saul, and David
7. The Division of the Monarchy I:  The Reign of Solomon and the Story of the Northern Kingdom
8. The Division of the Monarchy II:  The Story of the Southern Kingdom
9. The Exile and Restoration: Redefining Israel  
10. The Prophetic Literature I:  An Introduction to Prophetic Literature and the Book of Isaiah
11. The Prophetic Literature II:  The Scrolls of Jeremiah and Ezekiel
12. The Prophetic Literature III:  The Book of the Twelve and the Continuation of the Prophetic Tradition
13. A Legacy of Israel: Wisdom Literature and Psalms  
14. The Time of Silence:  Judah in Eclipse
15. Epilogue:  The Continuing Story

Published by Pearson (June 26th 2019) - Copyright © 2020