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Open Roads: Exercises in Writing Poetry, 1st edition

  • Diane Thiel

Published by Pearson (October 7th 2004) - Copyright © 2005

1st edition

Open Roads: Exercises in Writing Poetry

ISBN-13: 9780321127600

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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In Open Roads, a wealth of fresh and innovative writing exercises and a diverse anthology of poetic forms address specific elements of craft while sparking readers' imaginations and developing their writing skills. Clear, concise discussions of particular techniques of writing poetry are followed by practice of these individual techniques. An extensive anthology of both classic and contemporary poems features poems from Keats to Komunyakaa, and from Auden to Espaillat.

Table of contents

Preface to the Instructor.


I. Exercises for Developing Craft and Technique.

Beginning/Points of Inspiration.

Keeping a Journal.

Personal Stories: History as Your Own Heartbeat.

Memory and Imagination.

Telling Lies to Tell the Truth.

Random Connections.

Voice and Tone.

Finding Your True Subjects.

Embodying a Voice.

Shifting Tone.

Perspective/Point of View.

Choosing Points of View.

Innocent Perspective.

Using Biography.

Selecting Details.

Detailing a poem.

Place with Personality.

Image and Symbol.

Turning Abstractions into Images.

Using all of Your Senses.

Writing from Art.

Making Metaphor.

Symbols, not Cymbals.

Figurative Language.


Origins of Words.

Foreign Flavor.

Surrealist game.


Tell-Tale Dialect.

Drawing Tension.

Reversing the Action.

Trading Elements.

Reverberating Closure.

Sound and Rhythm.

Listening to Nature.

Finding Your Rhythm: Poetry in Prose.

Sound, Sense and Nonsense.

Speaker and Dialogue.


Populating a Piece.

Dropping from the Eaves.

Conversations between texts.

Making the Old Story New.

Song and Story.

Kubla Khan Continued.

Performing the Poem: Reading, Slam, Performance.


Rereading, Re-imagining, Re-shaping.

Drafts and Discovery.

What's in a Name: Finding a Title.

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