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Operating Room Skills: Fundamentals for the Surgical Technologist, 1st edition

  • Nancy N. Dankanich

Published by Pearson (March 20th 2012) - Copyright © 2013

1st edition

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Operating Room Skills: Fundamentals for the Surgical Technologist teaches students fundamental operating room guiding principles and techniques. Focusing on the essential skills needed, along with the rationale, to perform safely and competently in the operating room, this lab manual–supported with robust online learning tools–prepares students for the role of the surgical technologist in conjunction with the movement of the patient through the surgical procedure. Promoting active participation, this unique teaching and learning resource helps students develop critical thinking, peer teaching, and precise performance skills. Written primarily for new surgical technology students, this lab manual includes access to the MyHealthProfessions website, offering a learning package that is useful to any student entering the unfamiliar OR environment.

Table of contents


Lab Manual Features





UNIT I:  Surgery Preparation


Chapter 1 Don Operating Room Attire  

Chapter 2 Perform Basic Hand Hygiene

Chapter 3 Don and Doff Personal Protective Equipment 

Chapter 4 Open Sterile Supplies

Chapter 5 Perform Surgical Hand Scrub

Chapter 6 Gown and Glove Self, Closed-Gloving Method

Chapter 7 Drape Mayo Stand, Prepare Back Table

Chapter 8 Perform Counts: Prevent Retained Items

Chapter 9 Prepare Medications and Solutions 

Chapter 10 Select Mayo Stand Instruments 

Chapter 11 Prepare Patient for OR Entry

Chapter 12 Participate in Preanesthesia Skills  

Chapter 13 Facilitate Electrosurgery and Demonstrate Surgical Fire Awareness

Chapter 14  Gown and Glove Another Team Member…

Chapter 15  Perform Open Gloving Technique

Chapter 16  Perform Urinary Catheterization  and Skin Preparation

Chapter 17 Apply Surgical Drapes

Chapter 18 Perform Post-draping and Pre-incision Preparation…


Unit II: Surgery Fundamentals


Chapter 19  Identify, Prepare, and  Pass Instruments

Chapter 20 Prepare, Load and Pass Suture for Right and Left-Handed Surgeons

Chapter 21 Maintain Aseptic Technique

Chapter 22 Prepare Dressings and Drains, and Facilitate Postanesthesia Care


Unit III:  Essentials After  Surgery


Chapter 23 Dismantle Sterile Field and Disrobe

Chapter 24 Facilitate Room Turn Over and Confidentiality


UNIT IV: Minimally Invasive Surgery  


Chapter 25 Facilitate Minimally Invasive Surgery: Laparoscopic and Robot-Assisted 


APPENDIX A:  Chapter Competency Assessment Rubric

APPENDIX B:  Chapter Discussion Questions Answer Key

APPENDIX C:  Chapter Overviews

APPENDIX D:  Chain of Infection

APPENDIX E:  Preceptor Role 




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