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Optimal Routing Design (paperback), 1st edition

  • Russ White
  • Alvaro Retana
  • Don Slice

Published by Cisco Press (June 7th 2005) - Copyright © 2005

1st edition

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Optimal Routing Design

ISBN-13: 9780134390253

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Table of contents




Part I                       Network Design Overview

Chapter 1               Network Design Goals and Techniques

Goals for Network Design


Packet Delivery Reliability

Packet Delivery Times

Delay and Jitter Budgets

The Impact of Network Design on Delay and Jitter Budgets

Reliability and Resiliency

Defining Network Failure

Network Recovery Time


Day-to-Day Operational Maintenance

Taking a Network Baseline

Network Documentation

Emergency Management



How Redundancy Increases Resiliency

Statistical Analysis

How Redundancy Can Increase Management Complexity

How Redundancy Can Reduce Scalability


Hiding Information

Hiding Topology Information

Hiding Reachability Information

Separate Functionality


Review Questions

Chapter 2          Applying the Fundamentals

Hierarchical Design

Abstraction Through Layering

Horizontal Layers in a Network

Layer Functions

Forwarding Traffic

Aggregation of Routing Information

Definition and Implementation of Routing Policies

User Attachment

Controlling Traffic Admittance into the Network

Network Hierarchies

Two-Layer Hierarchy

Three-Layer Hierarchy

Determining How Many Layers to Use in Network Design

Hiding Layers Within Layers

Creating Layers

Creating Choke Points

Separating Complexity from Complexity

Addressing and Summarization

Assigning Addresses in a Network

Working Around Addressing

Leaking More Specifics

Smaller Summary Blocks

Change the Logical Layout

Summary Issues

Summarization Black Holes

Summary Suboptimal Routing

Summary Metrics


Alternatives to IGP to IGP Redistribution

Single Point of Redistribution

Multiple Points of Redistribution



Review Questions

Part II           Interior Gateway Protocols

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