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Oracle SQL By Example, 4th edition

  • Alice Rischert

Published by Prentice Hall (August 12th 2009) - Copyright © 2010

4th edition

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Oracle SQL By Example

ISBN-13: 9780137142835

Includes: Paperback
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  • Paperback

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" Inexperienced readers will find more complete and helpful introductions to relational database theory and SQL*Plus "


Experienced readers will find more tips, tricks, and techniques - from optimizing multi-table joins to using third-party query tools " U


Upgraders to Oracle 11g will find thorough coverage of key enhancements in areas such as data warehousing Rischert has reorganized this book to deliver more knowledge sooner - and she's also reorganized her companion Web site, providing quicker access to solutions and sample data. The result: a book that teaches Oracle SQL even more rapidly and effectively


The author's web site is http://www.oraclesqlbyexample.com/ and has all of the instructor materials available there.

Table of contents

Foreword     xxxi

Preface     xxxiv

Chapter 1: SQL and Data     1

Chapter 2: SQL: The Basics     49

Chapter 3: The WHERE and ORDER BY Clauses     101

Chapter 4: Character, Number, and Miscellaneous Functions     133

Chapter 5: Date and Conversion Functions     189

Chapter 6: Aggregate Functions, GROUP BY, and HAVING Clauses     263

Chapter 7: Equijoins     285

Chapter 8: Subqueries     323

Chapter 9: Set Operators     377

Chapter 10: Complex Joins     399

Chapter 11: Insert, Update, and Delete     429

Chapter 12: Create, Alter, and Drop Tables     503

Chapter 13: Indexes, Sequences, and Views     571

Chapter 14: The Data Dictionary, Scripting, and Reporting     615

Chapter 15: Security     661

Chapter 16: Regular Expressions and Hierarchical Queries     695

Chapter 17: Exploring Data Warehousing Features     741

Chapter 18: SQL Optimization     803

Appendix A: Answers to Quiz Questions     839

Appendix B: SQL Formatting Guide     855

Appendix C: SQL*Plus Command Reference     859

Appendix D: STUDENT Database Schema     873

Appendix E: Table and Column Descriptions     875

Appendix F: Additional Example Tables     881

Appendix G: Navigating the Oracle Documentation     887

Appendix H: Resources     893

Appendix I: Oracle Data Types     897

Index     899


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