Organizational Behavior Reader, The, 9th edition

  • Joyce S Osland
  • Marlene E. Turner
  • David A. Kolb

Organizational Behavior Reader, The

ISBN-13:  9780136125518

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This reader provides the best collection of classic, ground-breaking articles, as well as cutting-edge works in the field in a practical, reader-friendly format.

Table of contents

PART 1: Understanding Yourself and Other People at Work  
Chapter 1. Setting the Global Stage
Chapter 2. The Psychological Contract and Commitment
Chapter 3. Theories of Managing People
Chapter 4. Individual and Organizational Learning
Chapter 5. Decoding Human Behavior  
Chapter 6. Individual and Organizational Motivation  
Chapter 7. Ethics and Values   
Chapter 8. Personal Growth and Work Stress
PART 2: Creating Effective Work Groups  
Chapter 9. Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 10. Perception and Attribution
Chapter 11. Group Dynamics and Work Teams  
Chapter 12. Problem Solving    
Chapter 13. Creativity   
Chapter 14. Conflict and Negotiation
Chapter 15. Managing Diversity
PART 3: Leadership and Management  
Chapter 16. Leadership  
Chapter 17. Organizational Culture
Chapter 18. Decision Making
Chapter 19. Power and Influence  
Chapter 20. Empowerment and Coaching
Chapter 21. Performance Management  
Chapter 22. Organization Design  
Chapter 23. Managing Change

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