Organizational Behaviour: Understanding and Managing Life at Work, 11th edition

  • Gary Johns
  • Alan M. Saks

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This edition marks the 36th anniversary of the text, which has been rigorously updated over the years to present students with the latest knowledge and research on both the science and practice of organizational behaviour. First published in 1983, Organizational Behaviour is the longest-running, continuously published, and regularly revised organizational behaviour textbook authored in Canada.

Real-world cases and thoughtful discussion questions are a hallmark of this authoritative text. Organizational Behaviouris comprehensive—the material is up to date and reflects current research and practical concerns. The text takes a rigorous approach to OB, while maintaining its readability and engaging writing style.


Table of contents

Part One An Introduction
Chapter 1 Organizational Behaviour and Management

Part Two Individual Behaviour
Chapter 2 Personality and Learning
Chapter 3 Perception, Attribution, and Diversity
Chapter 4 Values, Attitudes, and Work Behaviour
Chapter 5 Theories of Work Motivation
Chapter 6 Motivation in Practice

Part Three Social Behaviour and Organizational Processes
Chapter 7 Groups and Teamwork
Chapter 8 Social Influence, Socialization, and Organizational Culture
Chapter 9 Leadership
Chapter 10 Communication
Chapter 11 Decision Making
Chapter 12 Power, Politics, and Ethics
Chapter 13 Conflict and Stress

Part Four The Total Organization
Chapter 14 Environment, Strategy, and Structure
Chapter 15 Organizational Change, Development, and Innovation

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