Outdoor Emergency Care, 5th edition

  • Edward C. McNamara
  • David H. Johe
  • Deborah A. Endly

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Developed in partnership with the National Ski Patrol, Outdoor Emergency Care, Fifth Edition, offers relevant, invaluable content for all emergency first responders working in an outdoor environment. The contributing authors and reviewers are highly respected experts in education in the outdoor emergency care community. The vast  experience of  these individuals, combined with over 90 years of EMS work and ski patrolling from the editors alone, has been incorporated into every chapter of this text, providing you with a learning resource that is rich in practical knowledge. This book should be used not only as an initial text but maintained on your bookshelf as a valuable reference manual.

Table of contents

Section 1 — Preparing to Be an OEC Technician

Chapter 1 Introduction to Outdoor Emergency Care

Chapter 2 Introduction to Emergency Care Systems

Chapter 3 Rescue Basics

Chapter 4 Incident Command and Triage

Chapter 5 Lifts, Loads and Transportation

Section 2 — The Basics of Patient Care

Chapter 6 Human Anatomy and Physiology 

Chapter 7 Patient Assessment 

Chapter 8 Medical Communications

Section 3 — Critical Interventions

Chapter 9 Airway  Management

Chapter 10 Shock Management

Section 4 — Medical Emergencies

Chapter 11 Altered Mental Status

Chapter 12 Substance Abuse and Poisoning

Chapter 13 Respiratory Emergencies

Chapter 14 Allergies and Anaphylaxis

Chapter 15 Cardiovascular Emergencies 

Chapter 16 Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary Emergencies  

Section 5 — Trauma

Chapter 17 Principles of Trauma

Chapter 18 Soft Tissue Injuries

Chapter 19 Burns

Chapter 20 Musculoskeletal Injuries

Chapter 21 Head and Spine Injuries

Chapter 22 Face, Eye and Throat Emergencies

Chapter 23 Thoracic Trauma 

Chapter 24 Abdomen & Pelvic Trauma 

Section 6 — Environmental Conditions

Chapter 25 Cold Emergencies

Chapter 26 Heat Emergencies

Chapter 27 Plants and Animals

Chapter 28 Altitude Emergencies

Chapter 29 Water Emergencies

Section 7 — Special Populations and Situations

Chapter 30 Pediatrics

Chapter 31 Geriatrics 

Chapter 32 Outdoor Adaptive Athletes 

Chapter 33 Behavioral Emergencies

Chapter 34  OB/GYN Emergencies

Section 8 — Beyond OEC

Chapter 35  Special Operations

Chapter 36 ALS Interface

App 1 Survival Rule of the Three’s

App 2 OEC Personal Skills Inventory

App 3 Emergency Care Equipment

App 4 Glossary

App 5 Answer Key

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