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  5. Passion for Wisdom, A: Readings in Western Philosophy on Love and Desire

Passion for Wisdom, A: Readings in Western Philosophy on Love and Desire, 1st edition

  • Ellen K. Feder
  • Karmen MacKendrick
  • Sybol S. Cook
Passion for Wisdom, A: Readings in Western Philosophy on Love and Desire

ISBN-13: 9780130494559

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published byPearson (February 18th 2004) - Copyright © 2004

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What's included

  • Paperback

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A collection of short and excerpted works by the great thinkers of their day, this book focuses on the philosophy of love and desire. Excellent introductions offer readers brief biographies of the thinkers presented and provide historical context, enabling them to see connections and to appreciate the continuity across and the historical breaks among these works. KEY TOPICS: This collection of readings cross a range of time periods (from pre-Socrates to living thinkers), present a selection of philosophical genres and styles, and address issues fundamental to philosophy. MARKET: An excellent selection of popular readings on love and desire, this book is lively and engaging, making it an excellent choice for those readers with an interest in Western Philosophy.

Table of contents


Selected Fragments from Empedocles. Symposium, Plato. From On the Generation of Animals, Aristotle. Letter to Menoceus, Epicurus. From Meditations, Marcus Aurelius.


From Enneads, Plotinus. From Confessions, Augustine. From Summa Theologica, Aquinas. From her letters, poetry, and visions, Hadewijch. From The Letters of Heloise and Abelard, Heloise and Abelard. From The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila By Herself, and the Way of Perfection. Teresa of Avila. From Dark Night of the Soul John of the Cross.


From The Passions of the Soul, René Descartes. From her correspondence with Descartes, Elisabeth of Bohemia. “Of Chastity and Modesty” from the Treatise on Human Nature, David Hume. From Ethics, Baruch Spinoza. From Emile, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. From A Vindication of the Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft. From Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant. From Philosophy in the Bedroom, Marquis de Sade.


“Independence and Dependence of Self-Consciousness: Lordship and Bondage” in Phenomenology of Spirit, G.W.F. Hegel. From The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 and Das Capital, Karl Marx. From The Gay Science, Beyond Good and Evil, and Ecce Homo, Friedrich Nietzsche. “Make Room for Winged Eros: A Letter to Working Youth,” Alexandra Kollontai. “The Sexual Aberrations” from Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, Sigmund Freud. From The Works of Love, Søren Kierkegaard.


“In Place of an Introduction” from Introduction to the Reading of Hegel: Lectures on the Phenomenology of Spirit, Alexandre Kojève. From Being and Nothingness, Jean-Paul Sartre. From The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir. From Black Skin, White Masks, Frantz Fanon. “The Dialectic of Solitude,” Octavio Paz. From The Visible and the Invisible, Maurice Merleau-Ponty. From Eros and Civilization, Herbert Marcuse. From Time and the Other, Emmanuel Levinas. “The Ethics of the Concern for Self as a Practice of Freedom,” Michel Foucault.


“Sexual Inversions,” Judith Butler. “Eros, Eroticism and the Pedagogical Process,” bell hooks. “Constructing Love, Desire, and Care,” Martha Nussbaum. “Antioch's 'Sexual Offense Policy': A Philosophical Exploration,” Alan Sobel. “AH! My Foolish Heart: A Reply to Alan Soble,” Eva Feder Kittay.

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