Pate:Unix Internals Pract Appr_c, 1st edition

  • SD Pate

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SCO UNIX is the leading brand of UNIX for PCs with nearly 40% of the worldwide share of UNIX installations.This book is based on the forthcoming release of SCO UNIX and provides a practical hands-on approach to mastering UNIX internals.


  • provides numerous examples in C-Shell script and assembly language showing where to find and process kernel structures, system files, executable file formats, memory, file and process managemen
  • includes a detailed description of hardware dependent parts of the kerne
  • makes a detailed exploration of how the bootstrap and kernel routines set up and use the hardware feature
  • each chapter uses the most appropriate tools available, including adb, crash, fs db, kmem and nlist to demonstrate the topics under discussion, how they work and how to extract the required information


Table of contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. The history of UNIX
  • Chapter 2. The UNIX programming environment
  • Chapter 3. Exploring the UNIX kernel
  • Chapter 4. Bootstrap and system initialisation
  • Chapter 5. Inside /unix
  • Chapter 6. Memory management principles
  • Chapter 7. Process management
  • Chapter 8. File management
  • Chapter 9. I/O management
  • Chapter 10. The STREAMS subsystem
  • Chapter 11. Inter-process communication
  • Chapter 12. Memory management policies
  • Chapter 13. Application debugging with adb(CP)
  • Chapter 14. Diagnostic analysis using crash(ADM)
  • Bibliography
  • Index


Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (September 25th 1996) - Copyright © 1996